Welcome To The Answer Pad

Our co-founders have been involved in the assessment field for the last sixteen years providing a state-specific assessment solution for Connecticut Public Schools.

The Answer Pad was created out of a number of pain points that were learned along the way. Two of the primary pain points were a lack of student engagement & the issues facing teachers transitioning from paper to digital.

The Answer Pad is a work in progress. Our team works closely with teachers to get feedback from the classroom to make improvements. This results in new features being released as the tool develops.

Our company originally operated out of Connecticut but we relocated close to Irvine, CA in January 2016.

The Answer Pad Company

To provide teachers with a formative assessment platform to drive instruction and address individual student needs, while engaging and encouraging reluctant students to participate in the class. The Answer Pad does not change the way teachers teach, but it completely changes the dynamics of the classroom, and the information teachers receive about student understanding.
All learning should be active. Research shows that active engagement and timely feedback improves student outcomes.  Providing students with an interactive tool that they can use to show what they know, and to take risks while learning, will result in increased student learning and achievement.
The Answer Pad team promises to bring you a personalized experience and superior customer support. We will always provide a free tool to teachers, together with an opportunity to play with premium features before buying them.
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